My Front Steps are Open House Ready!

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Home Improvement

Just this past weekend, after endless rain and cold weather, I invited myself to Lowe's (for my big ferns - SO much bang for the buck) and Merrifield Garden (for endless choices).  A big bag of potting soil, great pots from my go to Home Goods, and a few hundred dollars later - voila! - my front steps are Open House ready.  

Now, I'm not selling and I wasn't really having an Open House but the attitude those pots brought was unmistakeable.  

The epimedium and hellebores in the front bed are lush and full, the clematis is just starting to bloom, the tulips have cast off their exuberance and the amsonia is stretching to make its way.  Even the hydrangeas and skip laurel in the window bed are casting their lots with our newly found spring. And then there were my front steps - naked, destitute, and lonely.  To paraphrase Marie Kondo, they did not bring me joy.  

None of the plants I bought were very expensive, and pots are the only place I use annuals, but what I did buy - ferns, caladium, endless varieties of coleus, and euphorbia to add white light, will last far into the fall, require minimal attention, and will bring me endless joy.  What more could I ask?

So now, go, invite yourself to a good garden center, find your own joy, and create your own Open House worthiness!